Superionic Conductive Solid (SIP) Polymer Composite Electrolytes

Akron PolyEnergy has a solid polymer electrolyte technology with superionic conductivity at room temperature. The solid polymer electrolyte:

  • Exhibits Superionic Conductivity at Room Temperature (>1 mS/cm)
  • Improves Safety by Being Non-Flammable
  • Exhibits High Electrochemical Stability for LFP cathode
  • Supporting high capacity cathode (NCM, NCA)
  • Compatible with graphite and lithium metal anodes

2×2 inch thin film sample supported on nonstick substrate

Please contact us if interested in development opportunities.

APE SIP sample films available:
Thicknesses: 100 and 200 microns
(Please contact us for films <50 microns thick)
Standard Sample Sizes: 1 x 1 inch, 2 x 2 inch, 3 x 3 inch
(Custom sizes available upon request)

Thin film product is available upon request. Email: